Industrial Development

HTMAS Ltd. is a capital project orientated company active in Central European market. Our activities are in complex assurance of the investment plan for the Investor. Based on long term experience of our managers we are able to guarantee to clients project execution in following of time schedule and budget of the investment.
Main interest of HTMAS is in industrial sector, in the areas of chemical, general engineering and automotive sector, technology related to production and processing of alternative fuels, as well as project management and coordination in new technology installation and implementation of know-how into other industrial sectors.
Following up to date executed projects mainly for foreign investors and to follow our several years of experience in international projects, our managers are fully qualified and capable to lead the project communication and commercial meetings.

... project management provides remarkable return on investment, maximize yours business effort

HTMAS is a member of Project Management Institute (PMI) and Project Management Association of Slovakia – national organization of International Project Management Association (IPMA)..