Project Management

” Project Management is to fulfill the objective of the project activities through other sources ”

The Project Management is the creation of the required products or services in the defined standards in a predetermined time unit, and the agreed costs.When you are satisfied all these conditions can be reductive to talk about a successful project – access to the Barnes triangle.

In the design of project management is necessary to align all three conditions, so that competing against each other. Barnes triangle is the basis for determining customer preferences and the determination of a clear direction for the project management methodology. Customer its location in the triangle, which clearly defines the parameters of the project (quality, cost, time) is preferred. In view of this preference then project manager selects the appropriate technology and methods, then other parameters makes the preferred target [1]. It should be noted that this does not correspond to effective project management.

Barnes triangle is the conventional approach to identifying customer preferences in this section, I think you will be closer and a different approach – “four corners of the method” [2].

This method makes it clear path between the corners at the start of the project, which will be used for subsequent detailed planning, presentation of the project for approval, the weekly monitoring results, the handling of changes and complications. This method easily shows the impact of changes in investor to run the project. If an investor wants to shorten the project duration counted affect the other “corners” project.

Both methods led to the same goal and that is to define and introduce a key investor reliance on successful change management project – the impact of the investor changes the final outcome of the project.

Cycle project

Defining a universal project cycle is not possible, therefore, focus only on investment projects at the heart of the entire portal. Next is a list of activities necessary for the project – the project cycle, processed according to the methodology PMBOK ® Guide, 3rd Edition. This will certainly be a good guide for beginning project managers ..

Project Preparation

  • business decision an investor
  • development of feasibility studies (Feasibility Study)
  • Processing Business Plan
  • executive decision to start project

Planning the scale of the project

  • define project objectives
  • Specified requirements for the technology, construction and quality, etc.
  • clear definition of project parameters – the success of the implementation of control
  • define constraints
  • define the limits and assumptions of the project
  • definition of pre-organization of the project, itemized project structure
  • definition of risk
  • define the various milestones of the project
  • processing of project financial plan – budget
  • processing the proposal for the project management requirements
  • draft approval procedures

Project Management Plan

  • Project manager selection, definition of project management methodology
  • the selection of project team, defining the rights and obligations of individual members
  • definition and implementation levels of each process vyselektovaného
  • explanation of the tools and techniques needed to manage processes and management
  • define the individual selected as a process applied to the project management unit
  • clear definition of how the work done to achieve the desired objective of the project
  • as they are implemented and monitored changes in the project
  • define how it will be monitored and maintained to the project development plan
  • definition of communication and information exchange between teams and the executive (investor)
  • summary of key project for the definition and summary scope of the project schedule, the closure of open and deferred queries and requests for project

Performance management and implementation

  • performance of activities necessary to achieve the desired objectives of the project
  • of efforts and resources to achieve the objectives
  • Support, training and project management team
  • obtaining bids, proposals, preparation of tender by Posiadaviek project
  • selection of suppliers on the basis of tenders and bids
  • acquisition, management and use of various resources including materials, tools and equipment
  • implementation of planned methods and standards
  • creation, monitoring, verification and confirmation of delivery
  • management and implementation of risk management
  • management of suppliers
  • implementation of approved changes in project scope, plan, and the environment
  • establishment and management of project communication channels – both internal and external to the project team
  • collect project data and reports – pricing, schedule tracking, project tracking technical development, QA / QC plans, monitor the development of the individual states for further development of modified
  • collect and retain the new knowledge and outcomes verified and approved the implementation of processes and improvement activities

Monitoring and control work

  • comparing actual project status against plan
  • estimation performance forfurther determining whether the required correction or prevention, follow the recommendation and implementation of policies
  • time monitoring and maintaining accurate information on project status
  • information to support reporting on the current status, monitoring the project development process and other predictions
  • assumptions in preparing the budget and schedule update
  • control the introduction and approval of the agreed changes to the requirements of the project and the investor

Revision process

  • identify whether the change in the project must demonstrate or prove to be
  • introduction of process control and monitoring of changes – approved only change will be introduced to the project
  • Summary and approval of the requested changes
  • management and approving changes when and where they occur, to regulate the flow of requested changes
  • maintaining the integrity of the baseline release only approved changes in the design, maintenance planning, updating all the documents in relation to individual changes
  • Summary and approve all requests for repair and prevention
  • review and update the scope, cost and budget, schedule and quality requirements in respect of the approved changes, coordinating change management process throughout the project
  • documenting the overall impact of the variation in the outcome of the project
  • control corrections
  • Quality control of supplies and work towards a standard on the basis of the quality – QA / QC

Project completion

  • Administrative complete the project
  • This procedure covers all activities, relationships, roles and responsibilities of project team members and executive involved in the administration of the project
  • activities necessary for the complete collection and summary of results of the project and the subsequent filing
  • Analysis of success / failure of project
  • complete archive of all written and electronic records project

Contractual completion of the project

  • all activities necessary to completing the closed business relationships within the projectin
  • definition and enforcement activities are necessary to a formal end to the activities around the project
  • closing protocol – all work is completed correctly and satisfactorily
  • update all records for archiving to the actual state – “as build” documentation
  • that all the procedures for termination of contracts, as defined in the bilateral contracts

Above is a brief summary of activities that should cope with Project Manager and his team during project execution. Each item can be analyzed in detail, but it is not the intention of this information portal. If interested, I’ll be happy to consult your questions or remarks .. Contact us.

Project management activities remain

The following are further summarized in project management, which I just summarized in the following items, details will not be given to them ..again I would like to recommend to study the PMBOK ® Guide in the workshop of Project Management Institute (PMI)