Why to cooperate

In the “FOR MANAGERS” section I aim to create a communication and information server for people working in the area of capital construction. I’ll try to provide you with the maximum information about capital construction problems – you will find them in this section. Your responses, comments and notices are very important and welcomed. You can share your opinions, observations or comments via the FORUM section or you can email them to us.

Further information that will be mentioned in this section will be about education in the area of project management. I will try to mention all the relevant contact information of professional companies dealing with project management trainings as well as links to web pages where you can find such information. Your queries regarding any other desired contacts are welcomed.

One of my goals in this section is to give advice to any particular specialist from the area of capital construction from my own experience and from the experience of those project managers that will be interested in participating in the discussion.

The more professionals will participate in the discussion, the more queries and comments I’ll get – the superior service you’ll get from me and, primarily, for free.

I do believe that all parties concerned will profit from approved concern and that our added value will increase in the process of particular projects realizations.