Why to read these pages

The aim of this project portal is to give basic information to the investors about the issues of the capital construction and to support them all the way from the starting point to the execution of their project in the central Europe region – Slovakia and Czech Republic.

In this section you should find answers to following questions:

First touch

  • I’m interested in capital construction to industrial park / plant, who I should contact?
  • I need to design a Feasibility study.
  • I do not known local conditions, possible location for plant, how to proceed?
  • Do they exist in your country local investment incentives for major foreign or local capital investments? Who I should contact?
  • Where could I gain information regarding to your tax system, legal and accounting rules?
  • What is a charge of income tax in Slovakia or Czech Republic?

How to proceed construction

  • Where is the best location for my plant?
  • What are the rules to be fulfilled from the beginning up to successful Occupation permit?
  • How to decide about contracting system for project construction?
  • Who I can contact for project execution?

After construction

  • What are the options of local market to find proper suppliers, contractors?
  • Which services for company operation is possible to use from the local market?

Here is just few basic questions, to which will probably look for foreign investor, but also will be helpful to successful local businessman who want to expand and to invest.

If you do not find on this portal suitable answer to your question, it will be pleasure to answer your query…

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