Project Management

The scope of interest of HTMAS is in project management of industrial installations and complete industrial plants. Our project team members have a long term experience with project management from initial stage up to setting in a permanent operation of a single machinery or the entire technology.
In order to provide us with the initial details for starting of our services the client is required to have a business plan. We are able to provide and execute all the following activities necessary for successful completion of your project. Our services include counseling, consulting, engineering and statutory activities from lead time activity of the project up to the occupation permit phase.

Initial Project phase

  • Project Development services
  • Cooperation in finding of future sub-contractors, business partners
  • Support in orientation of legislative and legal environment
  • Other related services
  • License and studies assurance
  • EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) – evaluation of environmental impact, assurance of entry data and consultations managing
  • IPPC (Integrated Prevention Pollution and Control)
  • Conditions coordination of IPPC license process, based on BAT ( Best Available Technique)
  • Based on our previous experience, HTMAS are familiar with the negotiation process and study preparation and implementation of these materials into life.
  • Budget and Time schedule preparation process for project
  • Coordination of data entry and documentation from know-how holder, technology supplier, investor.

Engineering and procurement

  • Proposal and consulting service for design of general Supply system,
  • Development of Contract agreements and contractual relations,
  • Tender process organization for major delivery (project design, equipment with long delivery period)
  • Evaluation of individual offers
  • Coordination of design process
  • Basic design (PFD, PID, Flow sheets, Spec, Data sheets, etc.)
  • Planning permit documentation, Building permit documentation
  • Coordination and statutory activities for obtaining
  • Planning Permit decree
  • Building Permit decree
  • Administration work securing for all project activities (legal, financial and tax services and consulting, etc.)

Project realization

  • Complex leading and managing of project activities – Project Management, including Technical inspection in time of construction,
  • Coordination of design works
  • Detail design project
  • As build project? Construction project
  • Development of new technical solutions,
  • Construction coordination system development,
  • Tendering and coordination of subcontractors,
  • Procurement and delivery of machine equipment for plants, material manufacturing, installation of industrial equipment, know-how,
  • Equipment inspection and taking over in manufacturing workshops
  • Construction manager and Building Inspector services,
  • Continuous monitoring of project Master time schedule
  • Development and maintenance of reporting system within project duration
  • Budget maintenance and controlling
  • Coordination and supervising over individual and complex tests of install equipment,
  • QA/QC activities over construction and assembly period,
  • HSE controlling – Health, Safety and Environment,
  • Coordination and completing of final documentation and test reports,
  • Occupation permit procedure
  • Setting up completed project into permanent operation

Contracting system..