What the project is

” The project is a temporary effort to create a unique product, service or result in creation ” [1]

Temporary work

Each project must have a clear beginning and clear. The goal is reached when the work for the goal, or is well established that the desired objective can not be reached;disappeared or needed to execute the project and the project was canceled.

Unique product

The word unique is involved here. The project defines an activity that occurs only once, it is unique and will not repeat. For example, many houses built, but each of these houses is unique … to another owner in another place, a different design.

Successive processing

Progressive processing is a property associated with the concept of a temporary work and an associated unique product. Successive processing project specifications must be carefully coordinated with the correct definition of the scope of the project, especially if the project is made under contract [1].

Project Management

.. the use of knowledge, experience, tools and techniques to project activities project requirements to achieve [1].

In the project management activities duplicated, which reduces the possibility of axis errors of the previous decisions and the use of traditional methods and management tools.The project management is characterized by high uncertainty associated with the definition of the objectives, but also how to achieve these goals – making the right choice of control methods. This situation has led to the need for a special organization of the project management [2]. Art serviceable team to create, coordinate and manage the cooperation of all participants, choose the best organizational structure is the main purpose project management to succeed.

In the project management, there is little feedback between the outcome of the decision-making and its own resolution, which is an essential element of effective decision making in the current bestuur.Binne the project cycle, while in the internal feedback, but the project objectives and the end result is such a long period of time that this link is for their own management is negligible. Feedback was very experienced in the course of the implementation of projects that participants of the project not only useful in other projects to get rid [2].

Project management is ideal for applications integration and project management tools in the first phase of planning, operation, monitoring and control, the completion of the project [1].

The project team

.. A working group, which rarely survive the project – is designed to clearly defined activities and the flow of this activity. On reaching the project team is disbanded, respectively. individual members to return to their permanent places of work where the team his own resources geskep.Die partners to the project usually depart without any further obligations.